10 February 2012

Hoolis Remarkable Request

On Thursay afternoon Hooli asked to be baptised. He has been asking lots of interesting questions lately so I wasnt completely thrown by the request. He has always loved the JESUS movie, used to watch it over and over as a toddler so we eventually put it away as I felt the crucifixion scene was a bit gory for a lightie.

Fast forward 2.5yrs and he is watching it again. He has been asking many questions around the story of Christ. Some have been tough - it is not easy to explain the mysteries of our journey. He asked me to explain what baptism meant and so I told him. I then asked The Man to explain it to him aswell.

He was so beautifully receptive and insisted that he was ready to take the 'plunge' .

The timing could not have been more perfect. The girls were at my sister. The Man was working from home so therefore available to do the dip. It was a casual yet utterly remarkable moment in our lives.

I know some would probably frown upon the baptism of a youngster - I choose to believe that this is when they experience the reality of Christ most intensely. It is later, as we begin to question -doubt - wrestle, that things get murky. 
I choose to believe that Hooli went through those waters and has come out renewed and ready to take on His new life. I choose to never underestimate the heart or mind of a child.


Stefanie said...

Lots going on in your family that I forgot to check in and see.
Baptism is such a special time and we pray God's abundant blessings upon him and a deeper and more adult faith than his years on earth would proclaim.

blackhuff said...

I love how your son is asking questions about Christianity and our Lord. I am sure he is getting the best explanations from you and your husband because of how God is present in your lives.

Jeanne-Marie said...

Stunning my friend. I love that you didn't delay on this. Kitty has been asking me but has been quite prescriptive (like she usually is) as to who is to baptise her. So hopefully it will happen soon.

Lynette said...

Wow, wow, wow. Mel, you should e-mail me with updates. i am way behind in what is happening in your life. Congratulations on raising special children.