11 February 2012

Hooli comes to work for the first time

(from time to time The Man will post directly to this blog from his cellphone....very nifty. this is one of those posts...and I added the 'background')

So cool to have Hooli chilling with me (posted from my iPhone)

It has long been a tradition that the girls each get turns to go to work with The Man in the school holidays. They take books, drawing stuff, dvds and all sorts of bit to keep themselves busy. Generally little *homes* are made under the desk where many hours are spent while Dad works.

Today Hooli got his turn. The Man had to go into the office, just for a couple of hours, so it made sense for Hooli's office debut to happen!

Special times!


Stefanie said...

Practical "home" with functionality - my hubby would be so proud of his man-cave.

blackhuff said...

So cool indeed :)