13 February 2012

Lulu's Confession

"Sometimes I wish I was invisible. Even at school. And sometimes at home, I just feel different Mom, like I dont fit anywhere."

*omiword, take a deep breath Mel, this is a doozy*

This confession came on the heels of my middlest's hasty exit upstairs to my bedroom. I had been watching her at home for the last few minutes and I could tell she was stuggling. I could tell the tears were just *there* but I had no idea what the problem was. Overtired? Moody? Who knows with girls eh?

I gave her a few moments and then quietly exited the family shenanigans and went into my bedroom and shut the door. There sat my fiery fairy girl who has morphed into this angelic softhearted guileless little person.

I sat next to her on the bed and she told me about a song that had come to her while she had been sitting on our garden wall outside. It was so poignant -SO POIGNANT - I could scarcely stop the tears from welling up in my eyes. But I did.

This is the song - she wrote it down in my journal for me:


you dont have to be locked up in these castle walls
all your life 
all you have to do is dig down deep
and you'll come out the other side
to the earth like a flower in the breeze
You know what I mean, like a
flower in the breeze
all you have to do is flap your wings
and break freeeee
you can then be best if you try hard
just be like a flower in the breeze

And then came the confession.....We had a long talk - so much territory covered. I read her specific God-quotes that I had received for her when she was a toddler. So many thing were revealed to her - about who she is; about why sometimes we get trapped into believing lies about ourselves.

It was a conversation I would never have dreamed I would have with my 7year old but so blessed to see the Spirit speaking to her so young. The privilege of being able to begin to help her recognise His voice.




allie. said...

Oh Mel!
I'm speechless -
Will talk to you about it when I can.

Love you - and all yours

Stefanie said...

I went through my childhood feeling invisible, unworthy and that nobody would remember me.
So glad that you could build into her and share truths deep into her heart where they will take root and change her from the inside out.

blackhuff said...

I'm also speechless. I think you handled everything so good. Your daughter is surely growing up.

Jeanne-Marie said...

I am so touched by this little girl. She's deep. And deep cries out to deep. She will take you to a level that shocks you sometimes. Enjoy the ride my friend. She's a treasure and like I said to you the other day. You are a good mom and I think its precious that she can speak to you.

Lynette said...

Wow...this is profound...and a poem like that from a 7 year old. What a blessing she must be in your lives.