25 February 2012

Scenes from the Week

A bit of news from the last few days:

We have welcomed Sweety to our home. Lulu has waited many years to become a hamster owner again. Sweety is even more special because it turns out she has no back right foot. That is weird. And it kinda shook the home for a while - there were tears and all kinds of drama. I think Lulu felt she may have damaged Sweety. Turns out that Sweety survived the night so we have decided she was born less-abled and therefore is somewhat of an anomaly.

She is our 'No Limits' hamster and has been renamed Super Sweety.

Honey went on SOS Camp out in Villiersdorp. She had an absolutely incredible time and has come home exhausted and filthy. :-) She conquered the 6m climbing wall, did night hikes, built fires and cooked her own food.

Hooli is loving the sport part of his life. He simply wishes there was more of it. Cricket on Monday and Wednesday and athletics on Tuesday is just not enough. For him. He is now considering squash....which starts straight after athletics. I am all for it if it fits into my schedule. I am only too happy to see them fall in to bed each night healthily exhausted from physical activity!

I have spent a few days teaching at the girls' school while my sis (their ICT teacher) is in Norway on holiday. I love it. It is such a privilege to teach all those kids and spend time with them - truly a fantastic experience.

I have decided to take the kids out of shool the last week - so much quieter (and cheaper) to go outside of school hols. I probably wont be popular with staff but will take the chance. We are staying local and going back to our favouritist place Old MacDaddys for a few days and then to our favouritist place, my parents home in Mcgregs. And yes, I am allowed to have TWO favouritists.


blackhuff said...

I agree, Mel. It's so much cheaper to go on holiday out of season, than in season. So I will also go for that next time.
Glad that the SOS camp went well for your daughter. I do know that hubby also attended such a camp when he was a child in Cape Town. Wonder if this is something that only Cape Town do, as I have not heard of this in any other province.

Lynette said...

So glad Honey enjoyed her camp...filthy must mean she had loads of fun. Hooli is a proper South African boytjie.


Stefanie said...

I reckon it;s fine to take them out of school if there are no exams. Enjoy your time away together.