14 February 2012

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines 2012!
Valentines Day came and went without too much pomp and ceremony. I made little lollipop gifts to tuck into the kids lunchboxes and sent The Man off with sliced biltong and a note. :-)

I came downstairs first thing in the morning to find a lovely note tacked onto the fridge door. This kind of works for me - I am not a Valentines Day kind of girl. Sure, we will give it a passing nod but its not a calendar date for us.

Later in the day I decided to do something special as I saw the kids were keen to celebrate ... my kids are all about 'pomp and ceremony and celebrations'!  We decided to eat 'al fresco' - sushi for the adults and pizza for the kids. They decorated the table and each of them had to write  note to each other about why they love them.  Hooli had to draw a picture of each of us.

All in all it turned into a pretty special evening without feeling contrived. 

A beautiful evening to celebrate outside

Pizza for the sprogs and sushi for the grown ups!


And some evening hijinx to round the evening off!

I trust your Valentines Day was made special in a way that rocks your world! :-)


Jeanne-Marie said...

Love this post. Sounds perfect. I was inspired by your Lollipop idea so I bought my loves each a chocie and made special heart cards and left it on each one's pillows. It went down well.

blackhuff said...

I love how you celebrated this day with the kids and those lollies that you made, looked divine.
Love the décor on the table as well.

Stefanie said...

Pretty similar at my house
'cept we did breakfast instead.
Love the love notes, very good idea.

Lynette said...

Beautiful post and I love that first photo of the 5 of you.