25 March 2012

A Weeks Reprieve

We decided to take the kids out of school a week early and head off before the masses.

Our first stop was Old McDaddys....our favourite getaway. Only 45mins from Cape Town - we loved the relaxed, remote yet luxurious quality of this place. We hired the Villa and were overwhelmed with how beautiful it is - the views breathtaking and the place is kitted out with wahite linen, speciality teas and a beautiful outdoor bath. The entire frontage (main bedroom, lounge, second bedroom) are fitted with glass wrap back doors - just spectacular.
View from main bedroom

Ensuite bath

The kids have freedom here like few other places. They are able to amble between our Villa, the pool, the playroom, the tv room and the restaurant without adult supervision. The staff are friendly and kid-wise.

Levi ambles up from the games room with backgammon.

On the Wednesday my FH folks and my boet came through to have lunch and spend the afternoon with us. What a lovely surprise -it was the perfect way to end our stay.
Soaking up the sun on our deck

Thursday morning we packed up and headed to our home away from home - Mcgregor. We spent 4 glorious relaxing days here. Reading, baking, drawing, pottering, swimming and more.

Downtime with iPad

Madam spending a LOT of time bonding with my iPod!

Some of us prefer pencils to iPads/iPods!

Ha! They can only resist for so long - getting their *art* on. :-)

On the last morning we headed down to have breakfast on the Breede on one of the local barges. Spectacular views, gorgeous homemade eats and very special memories.

Grandpa - always the joker!

Grandpa and his future 'Bok Wing' 

The folks and the big kids.

All in all a wonderfully relaxing, well deserved break for my man. I managed to read 5 books....that should give you a good idea of just how *much* relaxing I did!! :-)

13 March 2012

Comfort in the Everyday

I have found that doing ordinary things when in a state of turmoil truly is the answer to beginning to restore some equilibrium.

Today found me simply doing chores, fetching (lots of) kids from school, watching them swim for hours. Baking banana bread with Lulu. Stoking up a braai to simply cook some wors. Sitting outside and taking in the beauty that surrounds us. Listening.

Finding joy in baking! (who knew eh?)

Although chaos apparently seems to try devour us (and many of my close friends) I determine to find the middle line.

And I find security in the mundane.

11 March 2012

Shifts in the Sand

Watching the annual Argus Cycle Tour
This weekend, while the sun shone, we were in some degree of turmoil. For months (years really) we have know that change must come in terms of The Mans work life. There are only so many hours in a day and for 20yrs he has plough-ed relentlessly.

Lulu needs a new second skin cozzie!!

It has come to a head in a most disconcerting, uncomfortable way. We know that change is never comfortable but that one certainly needs to embrace the challenges and simply trust that brighter (hopefully easier!) days will eventually come.

I loved this shot, taken on a walk around our estate. So beautiful.

In dealing with all that has transpired it has heartened me deeply to see the friends we have come alongside us and hold up our arms in this time.

Honey looking ridiculously grown-up on Friday evening!
Despite feeling critically ill-equipped to face yet another day I am cautiously optimistic about the future and confident that I am not alone.

Hold us in your prayers if you will for a season. :-)

09 March 2012

Sports Day 2012

I can scarcely believe it has been a year since the last sports day - but here we are. We sat for many hours in the searing heat this morning to watch our kids do their thang.

There were beeeg flutterbies this morning as the girls both suffer from minor nerves/excitement on sports day.

The day went off without a hitch but with an interesting moment or two.

Lulu with S, one of the cheerleaders.
Lulu takes the long distance in her stride.

The Mom's race...;-)

Honey looks back in the sprint as a teammate stumbles badly.

Watching her teammates

Best mates and teammates!

Green Team takes the Trophy again. Happiness!
Both girls did extremely well, taking firsts or seconds in all their events. I was especially proud of Lulu who unfolded a story to me later this afternoon that showed such depth of character. I will share that in another post.

Next year I will have all three sprogs to watch! Hooli, not to be outdone today tho, organised with his teacher YESTERDAY that they also have a Sports Day today....he went decked out in his GREEN garb and facepaint and apparently it was a fabulous success.