13 March 2012

Comfort in the Everyday

I have found that doing ordinary things when in a state of turmoil truly is the answer to beginning to restore some equilibrium.

Today found me simply doing chores, fetching (lots of) kids from school, watching them swim for hours. Baking banana bread with Lulu. Stoking up a braai to simply cook some wors. Sitting outside and taking in the beauty that surrounds us. Listening.

Finding joy in baking! (who knew eh?)

Although chaos apparently seems to try devour us (and many of my close friends) I determine to find the middle line.

And I find security in the mundane.


blackhuff said...

Yes, doing simple everyday things, can really help in stressful times. Hugs.

allie. said...

Sweet pic Mel!

I think what you say here might help a number of people who are struggling with overwhelming challenges.

Glad its helping you.
Sterkte my meisie, sterkte