11 March 2012

Shifts in the Sand

Watching the annual Argus Cycle Tour
This weekend, while the sun shone, we were in some degree of turmoil. For months (years really) we have know that change must come in terms of The Mans work life. There are only so many hours in a day and for 20yrs he has plough-ed relentlessly.

Lulu needs a new second skin cozzie!!

It has come to a head in a most disconcerting, uncomfortable way. We know that change is never comfortable but that one certainly needs to embrace the challenges and simply trust that brighter (hopefully easier!) days will eventually come.

I loved this shot, taken on a walk around our estate. So beautiful.

In dealing with all that has transpired it has heartened me deeply to see the friends we have come alongside us and hold up our arms in this time.

Honey looking ridiculously grown-up on Friday evening!
Despite feeling critically ill-equipped to face yet another day I am cautiously optimistic about the future and confident that I am not alone.

Hold us in your prayers if you will for a season. :-)


allie. said...

Will certainly be praying for you -
so glad your friends are also there for you.
There will be a sufficiency of grace, you'll see . . .

blackhuff said...

You and your family will be in my prayers.