09 March 2012

Sports Day 2012

I can scarcely believe it has been a year since the last sports day - but here we are. We sat for many hours in the searing heat this morning to watch our kids do their thang.

There were beeeg flutterbies this morning as the girls both suffer from minor nerves/excitement on sports day.

The day went off without a hitch but with an interesting moment or two.

Lulu with S, one of the cheerleaders.
Lulu takes the long distance in her stride.

The Mom's race...;-)

Honey looks back in the sprint as a teammate stumbles badly.

Watching her teammates

Best mates and teammates!

Green Team takes the Trophy again. Happiness!
Both girls did extremely well, taking firsts or seconds in all their events. I was especially proud of Lulu who unfolded a story to me later this afternoon that showed such depth of character. I will share that in another post.

Next year I will have all three sprogs to watch! Hooli, not to be outdone today tho, organised with his teacher YESTERDAY that they also have a Sports Day today....he went decked out in his GREEN garb and facepaint and apparently it was a fabulous success. 

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Kirsty said...

Jinne chick....you are all over the place with your blogs that I don't know where to find you/ follow you.
So - have just had a lovely catch up on all your posts....some beautiful ones there x. Eish - this parenting job....it's hard! Hope Lulu is finding her feet x x x