29 April 2012

For the love of trails

I have recently begun running trails more regularly than before. I have become severely averse to the confines of the gym and I simply avoid the place like the plague. This fact combined with the cooler weather has driven me back into the mountains. A place I have always enjoyed but somehow had lost connection with over the last 10 years or so.

Freedom (and silence!)

 Trail running has quietly taught me such a valuable lesson. Something that is so often spoken but seldom truly put into practice.

Running trail has taught me that it is all about the journey - there is no defined destination. That is pretty freeing for me. Especially for one so (quietly) driven in so many areas of my life. 

Somehow, by running out there in nature, my life just makes sense in ways that I am not able to describe. I spoke to a surfer about it today and his eyes lit up and he was totally able to identify with my feelings.

Jeannie, my very special running partner

I know it sounds a bit zen, especially coming from me, but I am not going to argue because right now this is my happy place.

22 April 2012

Cooler Weather = Great Outdoors

Catch and Release fishing at Silvermine Dam

Believe it or not the cooler weather means more outdoor activity for us. Or should I say, outdoor activity of a different sort. While summer sees us in the pool and sometimes at the beach...autumn/winter finds us hiking. 

Kleinplaas Dam

I despise hiking in summer, it is simply too hot - the dangers of sunburn and nasty reptiles definitely put me off hitting the trails but come the cooler the weather we get out every weekend.

Russ teaching kids to skim stones

This last week we have been to Silvermine to do the River Walk and spent some time fishing. This weekend we went with the school hike club to Kleinplaas Dam on Red Hill; a well hidden treasure I tell you!

Hike club stalwarts!

Thankfully the kids thrive on the outdoors - often there will be tears and stamping of feet when I say we are going...the seduction of tv, warm beds 'n books can sometimes be overwhelming (i can relate!) but once we are on the trail they come alive.

Every day I thank my lucky stars that I live in this beautiful place.

With some pretty awesome people. ;-)

17 April 2012

Sprog ChitChat

Chilling at Gran on Easter Sunday

This morning I unwittingly changed our routine a bit. I usually pack the kids lunches while they have breakfast. Today I sat down with them and had tea while they ate.

We struck up conversations about post school education, drivers licences and how to manage working and juggling kids!!

Faith is very concerned that her career as 'fashion designer' will take her away from her kids.
'Mom, kids need their moms around, how am I going to do this?'

Rach is still not sure what her future holds although it sounds like all the things that make a parents' tummy flipflop (Ie we will be supporting her forever!) - author, singer, actor.....eish. No word from her about kids as she has decided sprogs are far more work than they are worth. She just wants a large farm with lots of animals...no man and no kids! Hmmmm. Ons sal sien oor jaar of twee ne?

Poor Levi asked for 'permission to speak' about three times. He is fast learning that living with three jabberwalkie women is challenging to say the least. Unfortunately each time he was granted permission he pauses just a wee bit too long....and lost his gap. Cant say I have a clue as to what his plans are....except to get his drivers licence as soon as possible!!
Mr and Miss "I'm too cool for my hat"!
Failed attempt at family pic
Mild hysteria and Faith leaves the carnage! I love the laughs here tho!

10 April 2012

Term Two Begins

The kids went back to their respective schools today. Even though I could have done with another good week of holidays I do think we all do much better with the routine that formal education brings to us. :-)

Time is careening by; it does not even escape Faiths notice as today she commented:

"Mom, it was just the other day Rach was in Grade 1 and now she is in GRADE 5!! Its incredible; just crazy how time goes by. "

And this from a 7 year old?

I spent a good few hour re-ordering my shambles of a house. I let things slide in the hols for fear of becoming the Neat Police so there was some order to be sought today.

Extramurals only start next week so we have a gentle slide back to normality. This terms school activities include soccer, (Levi) crosstraining (all 3)  and squash (Rach).

I am dragging my sorry ass back to the gym tomorrow. And to a *group exercise* class. Can you tell how bad my mojo is? It has been many a month since I got my sweat on so the time is NOW....

08 April 2012

Easter Sunday

It has been a rainy cold day. Not that we are complaining. I think something shifts in our family well before the winter hits...we are welcoming it; although we did muse thoughtfully over what *exactly* we did last winter!

No hiking, no walks, no beach, no picnics? What do we do now??

We decided to stop thinking and do what comes naturally. Stay in pj's, cuddle up with big blankets on the couch. Watch tv. Play games. Read. Make pancakes. Doze. Get irritated. Regroup and watch more tv. :-)

Talking about the meaning of Easter.
Top Trumps Bugs provides some really interesting facts!

Pancakes for lunch!
We did an indoor Easter egg hunt after lunch. Quote of the day?

Rach:  Mom,  I am so glad you just a got a few tiny eggs!

In case you didnt know, my kids havent really acquired a taste for chocolate. Their humble stash will last weeks!!

Easter stash.

Now to round off this lazy, special day with my lamb stew that has been simmering for hours in my crockpot! Nom.

06 April 2012

Another Reader is Born

So exciting watching him learn to read!

Yesterday Levi decided was *the day*. He wanted to begin to learn to read. They have been doing some basic stuff at school but nothing major.

We trotted on down to the library and took out a  handful of readers for him to begin getting acquainted with basic words.

He flew through the Starter series but there is quite a jump to Level 2 and I am not sure how the school teaches them so I am hesitant to push on. In the meantime he is just so chuffed to be able to *read something*.

I have also found some awesome iPad reader apps for him to play with including one that focuses on sight words using flashcards. She reads the words as they come up and then once he begins to learn them you switch off the narration and he reads them alone. Brilliant app!

This is the sight that I awoke to this morning. Him sitting next to me with books piled on the pillow!

Made my heart sing - we are *so* close to be able to all chill with our books on lazy winter days...