06 April 2012

Another Reader is Born

So exciting watching him learn to read!

Yesterday Levi decided was *the day*. He wanted to begin to learn to read. They have been doing some basic stuff at school but nothing major.

We trotted on down to the library and took out a  handful of readers for him to begin getting acquainted with basic words.

He flew through the Starter series but there is quite a jump to Level 2 and I am not sure how the school teaches them so I am hesitant to push on. In the meantime he is just so chuffed to be able to *read something*.

I have also found some awesome iPad reader apps for him to play with including one that focuses on sight words using flashcards. She reads the words as they come up and then once he begins to learn them you switch off the narration and he reads them alone. Brilliant app!

This is the sight that I awoke to this morning. Him sitting next to me with books piled on the pillow!

Made my heart sing - we are *so* close to be able to all chill with our books on lazy winter days...

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Lynette said...

Wow...it is awesome to have a reading boy. In todays world that is amazing.