22 April 2012

Cooler Weather = Great Outdoors

Catch and Release fishing at Silvermine Dam

Believe it or not the cooler weather means more outdoor activity for us. Or should I say, outdoor activity of a different sort. While summer sees us in the pool and sometimes at the beach...autumn/winter finds us hiking. 

Kleinplaas Dam

I despise hiking in summer, it is simply too hot - the dangers of sunburn and nasty reptiles definitely put me off hitting the trails but come the cooler the weather we get out every weekend.

Russ teaching kids to skim stones

This last week we have been to Silvermine to do the River Walk and spent some time fishing. This weekend we went with the school hike club to Kleinplaas Dam on Red Hill; a well hidden treasure I tell you!

Hike club stalwarts!

Thankfully the kids thrive on the outdoors - often there will be tears and stamping of feet when I say we are going...the seduction of tv, warm beds 'n books can sometimes be overwhelming (i can relate!) but once we are on the trail they come alive.

Every day I thank my lucky stars that I live in this beautiful place.

With some pretty awesome people. ;-)


blackhuff said...

I like it that you all hike in the Autumn and Winter months. Summer is definitely too hot for that.
Great that hubby is teaching the kids how to skim stones over the water - a great thing to carry over from generation to generation.

Lynette said...

I am sad that winter is arriving, I am a summer girl...it can never be too hot;-) I am however enjoying the autumn windless weather in the bay at the moment.