08 April 2012

Easter Sunday

It has been a rainy cold day. Not that we are complaining. I think something shifts in our family well before the winter hits...we are welcoming it; although we did muse thoughtfully over what *exactly* we did last winter!

No hiking, no walks, no beach, no picnics? What do we do now??

We decided to stop thinking and do what comes naturally. Stay in pj's, cuddle up with big blankets on the couch. Watch tv. Play games. Read. Make pancakes. Doze. Get irritated. Regroup and watch more tv. :-)

Talking about the meaning of Easter.
Top Trumps Bugs provides some really interesting facts!

Pancakes for lunch!
We did an indoor Easter egg hunt after lunch. Quote of the day?

Rach:  Mom,  I am so glad you just a got a few tiny eggs!

In case you didnt know, my kids havent really acquired a taste for chocolate. Their humble stash will last weeks!!

Easter stash.

Now to round off this lazy, special day with my lamb stew that has been simmering for hours in my crockpot! Nom.


Kirsty said...

She blogs here, she blogs there, she blogs everywhere... I cant keep track of you woman! ;)
We had glorious weather here for the easter weekend... and we are staying put the WHOLE holidays...:(
BUT... we have a BIG trip planned for the end of the year, so I cant complain. x

Lynette said...

@Kirsty...you got it!

I love that you had PJ day and the photos are so sweet.