17 April 2012

Sprog ChitChat

Chilling at Gran on Easter Sunday

This morning I unwittingly changed our routine a bit. I usually pack the kids lunches while they have breakfast. Today I sat down with them and had tea while they ate.

We struck up conversations about post school education, drivers licences and how to manage working and juggling kids!!

Faith is very concerned that her career as 'fashion designer' will take her away from her kids.
'Mom, kids need their moms around, how am I going to do this?'

Rach is still not sure what her future holds although it sounds like all the things that make a parents' tummy flipflop (Ie we will be supporting her forever!) - author, singer, actor.....eish. No word from her about kids as she has decided sprogs are far more work than they are worth. She just wants a large farm with lots of animals...no man and no kids! Hmmmm. Ons sal sien oor jaar of twee ne?

Poor Levi asked for 'permission to speak' about three times. He is fast learning that living with three jabberwalkie women is challenging to say the least. Unfortunately each time he was granted permission he pauses just a wee bit too long....and lost his gap. Cant say I have a clue as to what his plans are....except to get his drivers licence as soon as possible!!
Mr and Miss "I'm too cool for my hat"!
Failed attempt at family pic
Mild hysteria and Faith leaves the carnage! I love the laughs here tho!


Lynette said...

I love the photos...and the fail. That just shows the fazes they go through. I also giggled about Faith already being concerned about her "kids". Too sweet.

blackhuff said...

Your children sound so grownup - worrying about things that they only need to worry about when the "kids" are there one day.

Kirsty said...

hahaha! too sweet. At the moment - I have 2 kids who want to be soldiers and a daughter who wants to be a vet. Guess we'll retire on the daughter then, huh?
And poor little Levi... reminds me of my poor dad... trying to get a word in in a house of 5 woman!! Poor man ;)