10 April 2012

Term Two Begins

The kids went back to their respective schools today. Even though I could have done with another good week of holidays I do think we all do much better with the routine that formal education brings to us. :-)

Time is careening by; it does not even escape Faiths notice as today she commented:

"Mom, it was just the other day Rach was in Grade 1 and now she is in GRADE 5!! Its incredible; just crazy how time goes by. "

And this from a 7 year old?

I spent a good few hour re-ordering my shambles of a house. I let things slide in the hols for fear of becoming the Neat Police so there was some order to be sought today.

Extramurals only start next week so we have a gentle slide back to normality. This terms school activities include soccer, (Levi) crosstraining (all 3)  and squash (Rach).

I am dragging my sorry ass back to the gym tomorrow. And to a *group exercise* class. Can you tell how bad my mojo is? It has been many a month since I got my sweat on so the time is NOW....

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blackhuff said...

School term have also started here and I feel sorry for myself already ;)
Good luck with everything coming.