05 May 2012

Dreams do come True

Rachel has been wanting her own dog FOREVER. In fact since she could say the word "dog" she has been asking for one...and this has been the chain of events in her quest for a dog:

Enter Ruby: Rach is 2.5yrs old. Ruby is a Corgi puppy. She is so cute and RAch loves her however within 24 hours Rach has a strange allergic reaction to her. We return Ruby to the breeder within 3 days.

Enter Dixie: Dixie is a Tears rescue puppy. She was an amazing dog but far to boisterous and big for my little girl, however I was not deterred. I started to train her and teach Rach how to deal with her jumping up. By this stage I was in 3rd trimester with Faith and began suffering serious low blood pressure. I was on rest and was not supposed to drive. Within days of this occuring Russell had an accident at a local hardware store where loads of wood fell on him and left him badly injured and unable to walk for months.

Clearly we were barely able to take care of ourselves never mind an incredibly highly strung boisterous puppy. She was returned to Tears.

Enter Ninja : Ninja was a gorgeous fully grown Ridgeback. His owner was elderly and sickly and unable to care for him. We took him in and he fitted into our lives so well. He was such a gentleman.
A few months later we moved into our newly built house in the Estate where we currently live. Ninja hated it and took to jumping the wall/fence at every opportunity which caused untold problems. Ninja was re-homed.

Enter Troy: Troy was SPRUNG ON ME. I never wanted this little rotter. ;-)  I had 3 kids under 6yrs old and was barely keeping it together. Imagine my surprise when my 6yr old told me she and her dad had found a Daschund puppy on Google....and presented me with a tiny bundle of utter cuteness.

Rach fell in love with Troy. We had him for almost 2yrs - and in all my years of dog owning I have never ever come across an animal as badly behaved as he was...He was completely untrainable. Beyond anything I have ever seen. One day I just cracked-----I had made lasagne --- the 3 kids (still babes) where in the bath upstairs and I went to get them. By the time I returned the dog has climbed onto the kitchen surface and devoured enough lasagne to feed 8 adults.

I stripped completely. My family were stunned when I re-homed him. I had threatened but no-one ever thought I would do it. He is still living in the lap of luxury with an elderly couple in Brackenfell.


Pleading begging crying bribing cajoling. Nothing worked. Even throwing the guilt card at me for 'always taking my dogs away' didnt stir my hardened heart.

This year I began to soften to the idea of another dog. But there were certain things I had learnt from my previous experiences:

  • No puppies
  • No hyperactive /  boisterous dogs
  • No thoroughbreds
  • I had to LOVE the dog because ultimately it would be my responsibility....
  • It needed to be very well socialised and walk on a lead
I visited TEARS and all the dogs (3) I attempted to adopt were snatched up before I could seal the deal. On 5 May I convinced my very jaded husband to take a drive to DARG in Hout Bay.

Taken after a hugely successful beach walk!

Here I found the dog of my dreams. :-)   He is the male version of HONEY (my dog that has survived it all; a rescue from KAPS who I took in in 2006) He is beautiful, gentle, fun, playful, social and every so polite. He has taken to our family and us to him. Honey adores him, the two of them are inseparable.

Luke, 6yrs old, Setter Cross.

I presented Luke to Rachel and she was utterly speechless. The two of them do everything together. I am happy. RAch is happy.

Our family is complete! 

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Hayley said...

Jeepers, you have been through them all!

So awesome that you found the perfect dog for you!