11 May 2012

Storm in a Teacup?

Over the last 2 weeks or so school drama has risen and evened out...

That is not to say it wasnt traumatic at the time though. Faith had been having tummy trouble for over a month and I began to wonder if it was not some sort of nervous/anxiety driven issue. One day I sat her down and she outlined some things that were happening at school. I did go and see the teacher and had a very positive, helpful response.

During this period Faith also indicated that she would like to experience school life at one of the local big public schools in our area. In her current school there are only 80 kids (12 max in a class) and it is a very relaxed environment. I felt, perhaps, it was time for her to stretch her wings and move to this other school.

I went to chat to them but their Grade 2 was full. I enrolled both Faith and Levi for next year.

Fast forward a week. No real peace came from this decision. Initially it made all kinds of rational sense but after a week I knew I needed to leave all the kids at their current school. For now at least.

What a drama.

Grade 2's dressed as fav book characters...sporting their Mothers Day gifts.

Faiths tummy is much better and she is a happy camper once more.

News Updates:
  • both girls made the final round in the Poetry Day competition (Rach wrote Faiths poem)
  • all the kids have started hiphop together and LOVE IT.
  • we all loving watching Bear Grills, I'm Alive and I Shouldnt Be Alive!
  • the girls opted to give up riding so that they could pay for 2 of their friends to do hiphop with them - I was blown away by their selflessness.
  • their cousins arrive from the States early in June, much excitement!
  • we have a new member of the family - Luke, the setter cross but that is a post on its own!

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blackhuff said...

Sorry to hear that you had a hectic week. Especially school relating things.
I heard many things about hiphop. I'm sure they love it due to the things I heard.
WOW! That sure is such a nice thing for the kids to do for their friends. You are bringing up wonderful kids with big hearts.