27 May 2012

Yay Me!

I finally ticked off that nagging desire .... I ran my first 10km trail race. It was a simply superb experience. The Volunteer Wildfire Services host a race annually to raise money to train new volunteers. The run took place along the slopes of Table Mountain, climbing from Deer Park to the lower cable station.
The first hill...and I was pointing out the neverending-ness of it!

I found myself surprisingly competitive in that I simply did NOT want to stop and take pictures of the magnificent views as I couldnt stomach everyone passing me!

Crossing the finish 1.25.05
 For this reason, races are not the best for me. I will certainly aim at doing at least one a month but ultimately the draw for me is the solitude and being able to embrace my surroundings.

 The hills were insane and there were way too many of them but I was completely exhilharated by the end and cannot wait to do the next one in Greyton.

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