06 June 2012

The Cousins come to stay!

Waiting to board the cable car.
Lynda (Russ' sister) and her girls have been staying with us since Saturday and what a blast it has been. Cape Town has put on a great show for them and Sunday saw us going up Table Mountain. An absolutely blissful blue sky and sunscreen day in mid winter!

The kids all get along like a house on fire and we have had not one moment of real unhapppiness to speak of. Plenty of hijinx, sleepovers, late night giggles, trampolining, crafting and everything else.

At times like this it really hits home how our global living impacts family. It may be many years before we see them again but hopefully good fortune (and some dollars) will come our way soon.

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blackhuff said...

I'm glad that your kids and you had such a wonderful time with family. It is sad indeed that Global living can have such an impact on family :( But that's life, unfortunately.