18 June 2012

Fathers Day Misnomer

You know sometimes things just dont go quite the way one envisions...and just because it is Fathers Day doesnt really mean all will be groovy.

Examing the chocolate rugby ball!

 We woke early and gave Dad his pressies and then geared up for a lovely breakfast at Ellies Deli in Noordhoek. The kids were utterly enthralled with Oliver, the huge shaggy French poodle. We took a lovely cosy table right at the fireplace.

On our way home we had to pop into the mall - which is where I think the wheels fell off for everyone. Sadly it could not be avoided.....we HAD to get food and we HAD to get a 3G wirless router as Telkom have truly stuffed up our adsl.

Upon our return home the Man aka Dad became increasingly agitated with us all as he tried to configure the router with umpteen (dropped) calls to Vodacoms helpline.

I eventually retreated to the place of all peace - wonderland aka sleeeeep!

Alls well that ends well though. The kids have learnt that Fathers Day may not always be light and fluffy!

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blackhuff said...

Sorry to hear that you are really struggling with the Internet thing.