16 June 2012

Greyton Classic

Taking in the view at the 7km mark

The day finally arrived! We had been so looking forward to spending a night in Greyton and then competing in the Greyton Classic MTB and Trail Run challenge.

The kids were safely ensconced with Granny Allie and Aunty Lisa and we were on our way! First stop: Jeannes and Digz where we left our cars. Then we all piled into their very nice Trendline Caddy (yes, am totally spying this out as my next car!) and hit the road for Greyton.

Traffic was bad. Like intensely bad so we eventually pulled over to the One-Stop for a Wimpy dinner and waited it out.

Shortly before 8pm we pulled in at Zebra Moon Hikers Hostel....a bit of roughing it for us all tonight. We found our dorm and then headed off to Rockhoppers to register and get our numbers.

By now we were all lus for something hot n sweet so we ducked into a cute little bistro for coffee and malva pud. Nom

Very stoked to finish our first race together
By 9pm we were back in our dorms unrolling sleeping bags, filling hot water bottles and getting our kit ready for the morning.

I have to say - sleeping in a bag is an acquired skill! I havent done it for YEARS but thankfully I was warm, toasty and got a few zzzz's despite the noise of the other hostel dwellers. :-/

The Man's post-run glow
Race day dawned and it was just perfect! We hit the trail at 1020am - the route was easy terrain with very few hills and hardly any technical single trail bits. We did the first 3km's FAST and I must say I was suffering by the 5km mark. The water stand was a welcome sight and I am not sure if more went down my throat or over my head!

Insanely beautiful scenery on the trail run route
Around the 7km mark we simply HAD to stop and take some pictures as the landscape was simply too beautiful to ignore. The joy of trail running is not in the time but in absorbing your surroundings - something that can easily be lost if you are too competitive....

Jeannie and Russ walk to the start
The race was incredible and the euphoria at the end is pretty epic but my favourite thing of all is sharing this experience with people who mean so much to me.

Jeannes and I take a breather and take photees
Adults breaking in the beds at the hostel!

Brekkie - Hostel style!

Really need our own camping blankets...!

Post-race grins - happy girls!

After Digz made it through his gruelling 45km MTB race we set off to find yet another gorgeous bisto where we all indulged in a fabulous, well earned lunch! The best lamb shanks in the world!

We are sold on coming back every year to do this race....and hopefully next year it will be the 21km!


blackhuff said...

I'm SO happy that you had such a great time with the camping and race. Love the photos you took of it all. Well done on the race and yes, maybe next time you can do the 21k.

Jeannie said...

Awesome post and your pics are absolutely spectacular. What a great weekend. I know we won't forget it in a hurry.