05 June 2012

Happy birthday Rachel

My firstborn is eleven today! Wow, how we awaited this little lass and rejoiced over her safe arrival.

At eleven you:

  • love to read
  • play with your Littlest Pet Shops, Sylvanian Families, Teeny Little Families and soft toys.
  • mildly addicted to the iPad
  • loving pop music a bit *too* much. the NOW cd's are the favourite
  • love having your own dog. Luke is a blessing.
  • do vocal coaching, hiphop dancing and keen to trail run with me soon
  • love watching House of Anubis, The Troop and iCarly, Life with Boys (much to my disdain)
  • spending time with Jhenn, Rachael and Cush
  • love doing research for projects, you love to learn new things
  • dont love sibling messing with your stuff or going in your room
  • are a wee bit on the lazy side...always keen to get others to do stuff for you
  • have a messy room that I have to tackle monthly
  • are a perfectionist
  • can spin a yarn like few others I know
  • have a strong sense of justice - and the ability to mediate/arbitrate and restore peace
We love you muchly and admire the remarkable person you are and are becoming.

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