30 June 2012

Newlands Excitement

I felt his small body crawl in next to mine in the early hours and promptly heard his breathing easing back into peaceful sleep.

A few hours later I hear the words 'HOORAY, IT'S TODAY'! I turn to face him and find bright, sparkly little blue eyes boring into mine.

Sporting his Stormers jacket from his McGregs grandparents

'Mom, its rugby day! It's stadium day! Pity its raining but IT'S TODAY!'

Can't help but smile at the kind of enthusiasm first thing on a rainy, grey and cold Cape Town morning.

So we are taking Levi to watch the Stormers vs Lions this evening. Poor Russ is all alone in his support of his home team (Lions) ....I have had to gently remind him that all his offspring were born in Cape Town and thus required to remain true to our Stormer boytjies!

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