26 June 2012

Technology and Relaxation

I have to confess I enjoy technology. That is not to say I dont sometimes yearn for simpler times when we didnt have access to everything all the time; when we didnt have to pack chargers for the Kindle, iPad, camera, media players and mobile phones.

This is where the argument starts....with my non-techie mates. They are of the opinion that you DONT NEED all the 'trappings' especially when going off to 'relax'.

Tell me how do you relax?
Is it by hiking or running or some other physical activity?
Sleeping until the sun is high in the sky?
Painting out in nature?
Writing in your journal?
Reading into the wee hours?

Or is it perhaps finding a quite spot and reading on your Kindle which holds the latest 5 novels you have been itching to read.
Perhaps it is firing up your iPad and watching the newest series of House that you never are able to keep your eyes open for during the busy week.
Or perhaps it is surfing the net for ideas on a new refurbishment project or holiday planning.
Maybe it is simply spending hours with your camera capturing moments that hold sentimental weight for you.

Tell me now....isnt it possible that ALL of the above can be how you relax? Combining the old with the new? Enjoying the simple with the complex? Taking in nature and at the same time revelling in the wonder of how our changing world can be at our fingertips at any time?

Simplicity isnt always about the absence of 'stuff' as people love to throw out at me....simplicity is often more about a state of mind.

One is not better than another.
One is not more "wholistic' than another.
These two can live happily alongside each other.

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