16 July 2012

A Space to Call Mine. And Ours.

A Space to Call Mine. And Ours.

I think every woman (and man!) can relate to that desire to have a space that belongs to them. Where one can have all your 'stuff'.  Stuff that others may deem clutter but to you these items feed  your soul and speak volumes about who you are.

My space is somewhere I like to just sit and absorb the present. Think, dream and ponder while sipping my second cup of tea.

A place where stillness settles and gratitude flows.

Remarkably 'my space' is in a room which I share with my kids....this room houses my studio, their studio and our computer area.

I use time in the mornings to indulge that part of me that craves solitude and quiet. In the afternoons, chaos ensues as three creatively enthusiastic youngsters invade and permeate the air with their youthful exuberance.

I think I have found the happy medium.

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