09 July 2012

And Today I Ran....

I cannot tell you how good it felt despite the fact that it was on a treadmill. I ensured that I chose a treadmill facing the mountain, you know, to keep me focussed on my goal - to get back on those trails as fast as possible.

I only ran 20 minutes today but they were PAIN FREE 20 minutes. I am on my knees thanking Kirsty for her help and guidance in getting me back running. I am avoiding the nagging voices in my head ... the ones that say 'just wait til you run a bit longer...or a bit faster....or uphill...or or or' Those voices can bugger off. For now I will take one day at a time, adding 5mins onto each run until I can run a solid 60minutes. Pain free.

In other breaking news....I finally managed to photo-document the build of our house. This build completed in August 2006, so it has taken somewhere close to 6 years for me to put the album together. I am pretty sure this delay was not due to anything other than post traumatic stress. The build of our house was pretty nightmarish for many reasons....and my son was born a month before we moved....

Nonetheless the mini album is almost complete.

And did I mention I completely revamped our workspace? We now have 3 dedicated areas in our 'studio' - my art area, the kids art area and a technology table which houses the pc's/printer/scanner etc. It still needs a wee bit of sorting and containerising but it is functioning beautifully!

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