02 July 2012

ITB Drama

I have been trail running consistently for almost a year now and I am glibly told it was only a matter of time before ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome) would catch up to me. Upon further research I find it's one of the top 3 running complaints of distance runners.

The thing is I am not really a distance runner....maybe 25km in a good week? That is hardly distance.My desire is to run 10km a couple of times a week and maybe 15km over the weekend. I dont see this as 'overtraining'?

Each time I have spoken to a seasoned runner about this I get the same response :

  1. You need to rest (check)
  2. You need to cut your mileage (why, that is not to solve anything)
  3. Check your shoes (check)
  4. Stretch and strengthen (ongoing)

The scariest thing to me though is the look I get when mention this ailment.


And then the stinger :

"shame Mel, ITB is a bitch. My mom/brother/cousin/trainer eventually quit running because of it.


Thankfully I have my own little team of cheerleaders and medical pro's who are going to make sure that, whatever it takes, I will be back in my happy place again real soon!

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