02 July 2012

Levi Cracks the Nod

It has been a ritual that each child gets a turn to go spend a day at Dad's work during school holidays. Of course, said child needs to be mature enough to sit still (either at or under the desk) for 8 hours while Dad actually works....

Rach has been able to do this since she was 3. She would pack all her toys, animals,blankets, books and a dvd player. It was the highlight of every school holiday for her!

Soon Faith followed suit; in fact just last week she went along and actually fell asleep under the desk for a good part of the day.

Today was Levi's turn. He had had a trial run last year where he went for a half day but we felt he was now old enough to do the 530am til 4pm haul. He did himself proud - watched 6 movies and generally arbed under the desk! Russ had a meeting in the next room and when he returned he found a very calm Levi lying a bit strangely and upon further inspection found that he had gotten his arm stuck between the desk leg and the cabinet....and just lay there until Russ returned! (my mothers heart was alarmed but russ insists he was fine and that it wasnt a long time!)

I think there is a magic land under that desk that adults know nothing about because my kids all seem very happy to nestle in there and make their own little world come alive.

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Jeannie said...

what an awesome little guy!