10 July 2012

Meeting Kirsty!

I have met many of my blog friends over the last 5 years but there is one very special person I have yet to meet.

I found Kirsty probably about 4years ago? She and her family were still living in the UK at the time. I commented on her blog once or twice and then I moved bloghomes and lost contact. It is all a bit vague to me now but somehow she found me or I found her again...and by now her little tribe had returned to our rainbow nation and had settled in Egoli.

We have shared lots of these last years; I was supposed to be at her 40th earlier this year and was so utterly heartbroken to miss sharing it with her. We have much in common - not the least of which is that we are both loud and proud slummy mummies who are not ashamed to admit we dont have it all together.

Fast forward to last week. My wheels were falling off. I was / am so frustrated with this ITB condition and I just needed some reassurance and guidance as to what the best way forward is. Did I mention Kirst is a hotshot physio?

Fast forward to tomorrow..... I am hitching a ride with my man and we headed to the City of Gold. I will be spending lots of time with Mam Kirsty - meeting in real life to talk about life and loveliness. (and maybe check out my itb issue, maybe ;)   I cannot wait.

ITB is almost turning into a blessing....not only can I touch my toes for the first time in my life (due to tedious daily stretches) but I am now able to visit someone who has become like a long-lost sister to me!

Talk about a silver lining eh?

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