26 July 2012

Of Painting and Creating

There has been a flurry of creativity recently. We have decided to just throw caution to the wind and have fun with all the materials I have lying around the studio. For too long I have looked at them and prized them and felt I needed to *save* them for that one day when I did something *special* with them.

Well, no more. Now it is a matter of grab, stick, cut, scribble, rub, paint, sand ---- and stand back and look at what you made. There is no required outcome. The only important part of this process is how it makes you *feel*.

I have seen that doing this with my girls decreases their moodiness considerably. Be they tired, grumpy, quarrelsome, bored or simply imposssible I stick a paint brush in one hand - modge in the other and tell them to go mad.

The results have been utterly remarkable. The girls instantly become happier, calmer, more thoughtful and considerate to one another.

It is really that simple.

Both girls love to get messy with me in the studio

a few primed canvases and peeks at the stuff I have done

Studio madness and my first experiments.


blackhuff said...

It's great that your girls are sharing your interest regarding creating things. So cool

Lynette said...

I love it. I have only recently started messing and I absolutely love the process and how it makes me feel. It takes me all the way back to my childhood.