29 July 2012

So Much Going On

I havent sat down to write for some time. Probably because I felt like there was too much to say and I didnt have time to put it in meaningful sentences. The best way for me to handle this is to do bullet points because, once again, I only have 10 minutes and I do so want to check in with those who still bother to pop in here! ;-)

  • Havent run in about 10 days. My last one was 10km trail and my ITB behaved and it went well. I am definitely lacking fitness though as I found the last km tough. 
  • Am going to pilates weekly. I hate and loathe it but I do it to support my running and stay injury free.
  • I went to a fortieth recently - Denim and Diamonds - it was such a blast and as usual I was the last one standing on the dancefloor. (probably cos I only drank lime n soda all night!)

    • I am well into planning my fortieth with the kind help of one of my besties. 
    • I have started painting again. It has been awhile....like 35yrs. The last time I painted was in kindergarten until I realised everyone was better than me and I stopped. Well, I dont really care anymore and I am having great fun messing around.
    Retro Girl is a work in progress

    My bird is made of polyfiller, using a stencil, love the dimension

    • I hosted a 'class' (or something!) for some friends/family last week - showing them how to explore the wilder side of working with mixed media.. It was great fun - you can read my friend, Flowrs, account of the morning here.
    • Word has spread and I have been asked to 'teach' at a craft evening next month with about 10 women. I am somewhat daunted....but will busk my way through it! ;-)

    • I have also started a Project #40 art journal with Flowrs and another mate - you can read more about how it works here.
    • I am off to see Brave shortly with the kids - looking forward to it; that animation is off the hook - by the same crowd who did How to Train Your Dragon.

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