16 August 2012

Back in the Land

I have been man down with flu for 5 days. I cannot remember feeling this rotten since I got so ill shortly after Faith was born. Ouch, its been awful.

I have to say I do have the most supportive family and friends. I was looked after like a queen and had umpteen phone calls and offers to ferry kids and do shopping and and and. I felt really special. And lucky. And totally humbled by the amazing people in my life.

Thankfully it has all abated (sans antibiotics) and I will be headed out on the school run tomorrow for the first time this week - I am so excited! Yes, its true, sometimes being ill can make you really treasure the little things ....

I am also looking forward to getting back into my studio and starting work on my Project 40 album. I havent given any thought to the format I want to use so I will spend tomorrow morning making an outlien and getting relevant supplies together so I can work on it consistently every time I have some free time.


blackhuff said...

I'm really glad that you are back on your feet again. Just remember, that you're lucky to have such supportive family and friends because you also reach out to them when they are in need.
I can imagine your excitement to get back to your Project 40 album. Hope to see photos of that soon :)

Jeannie said...

Me too... Have been missing u! And seeing u in the studio... U must be missing it too!!! Hope u are getting much stronger!!!

Nothing like having support by those around u to feel the love...

Wish we were closer too!!!

Bring on the good health!