26 August 2012

Interview with a Tween

What is your favourite way to spend your free time?
Play imaginery games with my pets or lala loopsies

Vanilla or chocolate cake?

Your favourite superhero?

Your fav girl name and boy name?
Genevieve and Jake

iPhone or iPad?

See the movie or read the book?
Read the book

There is a fire and you can only save 3 things....?
my toy box, the black bags with my animals and chocolate (her bear) - what a sneaky answer! ;-)

Place you want to visit most?

What do you think makes a good leader?
They have to be truthful.

Why do you think Mom and Dads need alone time?
So they can have their own private talks.

What 3 rules do you wish we didnt have at home?
bedtimes curfew, choc milk limit and tv limit

What was your saddest day ever?
When you gave Troy away (her incorrigible daschund)

What was your happiest day ever?
When Bronwyn and Rosslyn came to stay.

What one thing do ou think kidsneed from their parents?

Do you like having siblings?    
  Yes, because you can play and torment them! hahahaha

What one thing do you need from me?

What one thing do you need from Dad?
Lying time   

Answers written in June by Rachel, age 11.