22 August 2012

Momentous Day

Yesterday was my Dad's 60th birthday. I call him my dad even though technically he is my stepdad; fact is he has been part of my life since I was 3yrs old so it would figure that the word {step} is hardly appropriate.

I am one of the lucky ones who has been blessed with TWO remarkable fathers...my other dad living in Mcgregor is also very much a part of my/our lives.

On Saturday night we had a family celebration with all my siblings and it was a great time of much laughter, debate, crazy gesticulations and nostalgia.

happy crazy talky interrupty family times

Breakfast with the birthday boy at EasyDig Cafe

Levi and Oupa christen the new chessboard

Grandkids celebrate with Oupa

 It also happens to be my folks' wedding anniversary...cant say for sure how many years...something like 36 methinks? Very grateful for the stellar model that they have presented over the years.

Happiness is an epic marriage - you can tell hey?

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