31 August 2012

Opening Night is Finally Here!


Tonight is opening night for Faith! Her first dance show.  The last two weeks have been particularly gruelling and I have been awed by her determination and perseverance.

She is the youngest dancer to be in 3 different routines - she is doing 2 modern and 1 tap number. It has all been very secretive and I have not seen her in full make-up and costume so I cannot wait!

I look back at this little person who used to pitch a fit at the mall because it was all just too overwhelming and am gobsmacked by how many balls she manages to keep in the air these days, with minimal fallout. Truly remarkable.

I managed to sort through 5 boxes of junk in the garage this morning - I was so surprised when it took me only 20minutes!! I have been procrastinating for weeks... Next on the agenda is to sort out the paperwork / admin related to our personal stuff and the business. I think I need to procrastinate on that....until next week. >_<

Extremely miserable in Cape Town today; the girls have ended up scoring a day off for various reasons. They have just cleaned up the kitchen in order to enjoy the privilege of couch time and endless episodes of Once Upon A Time.

I am off to "class' now....joys of online learning is that I need not go out is this revolting weather but can simply grab a cuppa and pull the blanket a little tighter as I learn.

(ps - all the Ali E fans - she is offering her STORYOLOGY and FIVE classes for only $10 each at the moment)


Jeannie said...

looks stunning - look forward to see what you come out with.
Have fun

Jeannie said...

ps: Good luck Faithy!!!