20 August 2012

Out and About

Last week was wet, windy and just miserable and I can say that I secretly applauded my body for choosing the worst week of the year to get ill.... I could, without guilt, stay in my bed for days on end.

That being said, by last night I was chomping at the bit. I managed to rope my mom in for a mall crawl this morning. Not before my weekly coffee date at FLM* with a friend....

I bought a lovely, casual yet sophisticated stipey top from Monsoon that I love! Must do a show n tell post one of these days. I also managed to find birthday presents for my Dad's 60th birthday tomorrow, which is NO MEAN FEAT! Eish, shopping for the men in my life can be epically tortuous.

I also had a rather exciting PO delivery today. I am utterly IN LOVE with K and Company's new SMASH book range.

It has taken the very simple concept of the large old scrapbook with the blue/green pages and turned it into an insanely BEAUTIFUL quirky and archival safe book. This is NOT  a scrapbook as we know them - its a SMASH book! Go take a look at this video (only 2mins)  to see how it can be used.....if you are a girl who like doodling,ephemera, lists, inspiration pics and other arb things then this book is for you! It is NOT a photo album vibe book.

The afternoon saw me doing the usual extramural run but I was prepared with my charged up, iTuned up iPad so I could watch me some Housewives of New York.

Ja, whatever, judge me, I dont care - I LOVE the Housewives (NY and OC only tho!)

Faith's dance show is only 10 days away now and the excitement in the house is palpable. She swings wildly from complaining about rehearsal and then comes home bouncing off the walls cos she cant wait for the big day.

Dance, much like art, definitely makes you happy.


Stefanie said...

I saw th esmash books in the US and loved them, couldn;t quite fork out the $12 for them though. Not so convinced I would use it and see the benefits of it. I'd love to see what you;re busy with creatively now adays though.

Jeannie said...

Welcome back... Sounds like a beautiful day!!!

Awesome news about ur smash book! Can't wait to see it!

Ordinarylife said...

Just what I need. An introduction to another paper Item. Crap!!! as it is I am waiting for a delivery from human writ.es. Can't wait for it to be delivered

blackhuff said...

I'm glad that Faith is enjoying her dance classes so much. So cool to see one's kid so passionate about something.
I'm glad you're now better after last week's flu.

Shayne said...

How is it that i missed you were blogging again?

Yes, i think a show and tell is def in order - I am a huge fan of stripey tops!

I looked at the Smash Book but I feel Project Life is more up my alley. AM still loving in - 32 weeks into the year! Trying to decide which one to order for next year.

Looking forward to hearing about Faith's Dance show once it is done and dusted x

Lynette said...

I haven't been into the smash book...but let me know when your "writable" comes. I NEED to know more.

cat said...

HOw did I miss that 5 tribe is on the go again? Love to see it and love the smashbook idea