23 August 2012

Spiders and Holidays

On the worse note: Spiders.

I noticed on Sunday that Faith had a small irritation on her finger which she said was really sore to the touch. By Tuesday it was looking a bit funky but I stuck some antihistamine on it and hoped all would be well. She was not unwell in any way so I wasnt *too* concerned.

On Wednesday she came out of school in tears because her teacher has mentioned she should go see a doctor....and then had not let Faith phone me so my poor, sensitive beanie got herself in a terrible state worrying that her finger may fall off!

Suffice to say I took her straight to the doctor, saw a locum as my doc was out on housecalls. He didnt appear to be massively concerned - check all her vitals and sent us home with antibiotic and warning to come back the next day if it looked angrier.

Well. This afternoon it looked blerry awful. Faith and I took it in turns to try not to faint as I changed the plaster! We headed back to the doctor - this time I only wanted to see MY doctor....and true to form he made it all okay.

He  took one look at Faiths finger and made a joke - immediately she calmed down (as did I!). Probably not a violin spider bite but possibly......nonetheless a doozy....so we left with heavy guns antibacterial cream and we continue the antib's. Faith is happier knowing she will keep her finger.

In the car she said to me (even before we saw the doc)

"Mom, just so you know - NOTHING is stopping me from doing the show, even if I get bites all over my hand!"

She is a trooper, that is for sure!


On the happy note: HOLIDAYS

Russ has agreed to take 5 days leave during the school holidays. *faint* He is so in need of a holiday AWAY from Cape Town, an extended break not just a weekend. I do hope it all comes together.

I have been on the net and have found the perfect-ist place for our tribe. Gorgeous log cabins (with dstv!) on the shores of Lake Pleasant in Sedgefield. The surrounding area is beautiful for running, hiking and riding. The lake is perfect for swimming and canoeing....and so much more!

In less exciting news...I had my first run since my revolting bout of flu last week....and it was less than stellar. Granted it was a road run (bleh) but I only managed 3kms before I thought my chest would explode. Am rather bummed but I guess I will have to just be patient as I have been told it can take some time to regain cardio strength after flu.

Next week it is time to find a trail and RUN .... even if it is only 3kms - I am having severe withdrawals!

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