21 August 2012

Tween Insanity

OMISHATTERED nerves. Really? Seriously? Is this how it is going to be for the next FOREVER years? I am going to have to start growing weed in my back garden or something.The hormonal insanity in this house is off the charts.

Do you know that Rachel called me LAZY this morning? I made her school lunch and she didnt like it...wanted me to make her something else....of course I wouldnt....she called me lazy.

Part of me is awed that she would take me on. The other part of me thinks she may well have lost her mind.

Suffice to say Rachel will now be making her own school lunches FOREVER. Come to think of it, she will also be picking up all my chores for the next 5 days .... because, you know, I am lazy like that.


Jeannie said...

Whozzzzaaaa - courage little buddy. I think you did a great thing by the punishment card! Nothing like them walking in your foot steps to see how it feels.

I got the low down from Kitty last week regarding me getting a help around the house. I said when she starts helping with the chores - she can dictate that card. Hahaha. Guess who won that battle.

As for school lunches - this year the girls started doing their own lunches - what a gift to me! I make sure there are ample supplies, sometimes I help but otherwise they do it themselves now. Happy days!!!

Hope them hormones settle some... nothing like hard labour to bring those back into perspective!


Grinleer said...

so i've changed my views...i dont even get up anymore!
routine in this house, Grier wakes up kids, they get up, eat breakfast, chloes makes both hers and Tara's sarmies (Tara is v...e...er..r.r.ry...slow in the am) Chloe also tidies her room, packs Tara's suit case, i at this point am being brought a cup of coffee and a semi snoozing 5yr old.
We generally giggle a bit, i then get another coffee, Chloe is by this stage popping a vein "its 7.15!! c'monnnnnnn we are late"...
Tara is still looking for toothpaste...
Grier takes them to school
I then get small person ready and take to school...the can now begin!

I do need to add that Chloes seemingly altruistic help is absolutely self serving..she just wants to get to school first!

Lynette said...

I am thankful that I am long past the school lunch faze.

BTW: Have you taken your girls to see "Brave". I want to have a "date" with little Leane and then only the two of us goes to the movies;-)