27 August 2012

Weekend Round-Up

My overall impression of this weekend was one of much rest, relaxation and mooching around doing stuff we all enjoy. Each to their own - we pottered around the house engaging in whatever took our fancy.

Faith had dance rehearsal midmorning - that was the only reason I had to get out of my pjs' - during this time I took the opportunity to catch up with Kim B in Kalk Bay - much nattering despite heavy rains on the roof almost drowning us out! An  hour is never long enough so we made a plan to catch up some more this week!

A special bond...they calm each other.

Saturday afternoon we watched tons of Alias - we painted - the kids played ipad games and read books and pottered some more.

 On the left we have SpongeBobs sister....her proportions are all wrong....and on the left we have Welly Girl who I love except her braid is all kinds of wrong. I am not correcting anything - I am simply painting and 'embracing the imperfection' and it is NOT easy....but the more I persevere the easier it becomes and the more FUN it is.

One upside that I have found though is that painting eases headaches. How bizarre is that? Since I recovered from flu a while back I have been plagued by really nasty headaches and I have been on painkillers for a week....and while painting Welly Girl I noticed my headache had GONE; it has not returned since.

Sunday was more of the same - the highlight being my towel rails finally being put up in my bathroom....6 years it took but it only makes me "more" grateful!  Faith and I also watched some more of the SheARt tutorials and she has started to make her own on a large A3 canvas.

Faiths work-in-progress. Just love it.

 My kind of weekend from start to finish.


blackhuff said...

Oh wow! Faith have an artistic skill for sure. That is really good. So good that I will pay for it.
Sometimes it's so good to have weekends where everyone just do what they want to. What fancy them. Glad you all enjoyed the weekend so much :)

cat said...

Wow , love all the artsyness going on

Lynette said...

I love your works of art...and there is no perfection in art. As long as it makes you feel good it is right.

I love the photo of Faith and the pooch...so cute.

Jeannie said...