17 August 2012

Where does it Go?

The time that is? I get home from school drops at about 815am. I put the kettle on, turn around and it's 1245pm. Tell me how this happens please?

I had every intention of being very productive today. I wanted to play in my studio and get through a pile of admin that has been neglected this past week. I wanted to just 'be normal' after spending a week in bed!

I did none of that. Instead I indulged my appetite...which has returned with aveangence....drank endless cups of tea and watched 5 episodes of Life Unexpected.

Not a bad way to spend a freezing winter morning but definitely unexpected. ;-)

Edited to add:  My pens arrived from Amazon today! Whoo hooo....maybe my mojo will creep steadily back now? I had a mission with customs but in the end they sent them to the local PO but stuck at extra R90 on as tax - bunch of sharks!!


blackhuff said...

Oh, I get it. Time just passing by without noticing - sometimes that's just wrong.
Glad you enjoyed your morning like this. Enjoy your weekend as well.

MacNessa said...

Seereeusly - use me or Jo next time to bounce those suckers via the post as a gift, just say *no* to corruption and all (ironically).

Glad you got them - and can't wait to see what you create with them!

MelB said...

Ness, you are so right - i seriously just FORGOT to route the stuff via a mate. Grrrr, dumbass that I am!!

Jeannie said...

Nothing wrong with this day... Sounds pretty perfect! I played on my blog, watched a movie and drank tea too!!! It was just nice to be home, quiet and alone!!!

Alsoooo can't wait to see what u do in ur studio with ur awesome new pens!!!!

Have fun!!!

Lynette said...

The pens look awesome. I already got Bick art pens and now the whole set of Tim Holtz distress markers. Now I need to do something with them;-)