18 September 2012

- 31 Days -

I have signed up to do Ali Edwards' |31 DAYS| course. I was up until midnight last night going through the tutorials and printing out the class notes.

I AM BEYOND THRILLED about this class.

It is not a scrapbooking class.

There are no embellisments required. In fact, my mom who is not a scrapper,  is joining me on this journey. It is a writing class which can be made into a scrapbook or a blog or a diary or or or. You take this and make it your own; create any type of outcome.

It is not a writing class that is going to teach you grammar or sentence construction - it is a class that is going to take you deeper into your everyday reality.

The only requirement is that you write, based on the prompts, every day for 31 days.

The methodology is sublime in its simplicity and working through my first assignment today felt like coming home.


blackhuff said...

Have read about it and I'm sure you two is going to enjoy it so much.

Julia said...

Gosh, this sounds like something right up my alley. Am going to click on that link to see if I can still sign up.

Lynette said...

This sounds so nice that I wish....no...I enrolled for two online classes this year and didn't complete either. So I will not even go there.

Jeannie said...

I am glad you are home. Its beautifully done my friend! Proud of you!