15 September 2012

An energetic Saturday

(posted from my phone!)

The day dawned crystal clear with not a breath of wind. This made bolting out of bed before 8am completely do-able for me. I waved my sleepy family goodbye to join a mate for a leisurely run through beautiful Noordhoek.

Upon my return home I felt it fitting to rid myself of any reminder of winter .... put all my summer stuff in my wardrobe.... Ah, lovely !

Around midday (cos russ was watching the shocker bok game ) we headed to Silvermine for our first hike of the season. There was much griping as it was truly blistering hot .... And the kiss havent hiked in 2mths.... But we all soldiered on!

A hop, a skip and a JUMP!
In my element - wide open quiet spaces
Guess who got an iPhone?
The dogs couldnt be happier to see Spring
My favouritist people in the world.
Pretty impressive. And the view is nice too. ;-)
Grabbing a breather in some shade.
Awed by the view of Hout Bay
Proving a point!
There was much groaning and sweating up this hill    


blackhuff said...

I really do love it, that you family is so active and enjoys it as well. My family don't want to do things like these. The gym is good enough for them :(
Thanks for sharing. Love the photos.

Ordinarylife said...

You are really lucky to have that so close to where you live. It looks stunning.

Jeannie said...