17 September 2012

Bits and Pieces in PIctures

Tough day...he took a spill and split his chin! Both mom and patient given suckers for shock!

Early Monday morning rising to go over Xhosa...because weekends are not for studying!!

First shorts and tees of Spring - hiking and working up an actual sweat!

Too much sun and sand - the best kind of exhaustion

Late nights runs with mom!

Exploring CT with friends - Franschoek for breakfast!

Still practising walking in these before going public - I is making progress!

Praying daily for this relationship as all is seldom well in this world.

Loving my leg warmers (and pumps!) Safely stowed for next winter.

Watching this young lass blossom as well as learn some hard life lessons.

Loving exploring nature weekly with my running partner

Discovering new markets with cute clothes.

Hand me downs are simply the best - she lives in clothes that 'feel just right'

Chilling out at friends house.

The same friends house...but you wont catch madam slouching about!

Life flies by.....and we take too many pictures...and they get lost on our computers and cell phones. Many of these pictures are poor quality shot in poor light or simply not really printable BUT yet they tell me a story and take me back to a moment.

Just another great reason to blog ---- a place for your arbitary yet memorable photos!


blackhuff said...

Love the pictures with the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting thing. I see your daughter is studying for Xhosa. I don't think that the school my son is in, educate any other language than English or Afrikaans. Is this part of a private school thing?

cat said...

Oh I love these- sharing the day to day moments

Julia said...

Love these! Had a bit of a laugh at the Pumps! I saw a pair of pumps that are not exactly pumps - at Shoe city in Blue Route. They have a strap around them. I like them. I think I will get them.
And sjoe. I would also have needed a sweetie for the shock wrt that chin split! Eish.

Lynette said...

Love these glimpses into your life.

Lynette said...

Love these glimpses into your life.

Jeannie said...

Love this post and pics - definitely paints a picture of stolen moments captured on film!!!

Love it!