20 September 2012

Concerts, Shopping and Writing

I am happy to report that I am on track with my |31 Days|  writing assignment. After taking all afternoon to print, align, download, find paper etc and collating in 12x12 format I decided to forgo the scrap-style which Ali herself is using. I am simply doing mine in Word in a uniformly formatted grid style. I am actually killing 2 birds with one stone as I am able to use numerous new tricks from my Typography class! 

happy feet!

I could not resist these flipflops from Pick n Pay today - at only R20 a piece!
I live in either my trainers or flops so this is surely not a penny wasted. 

happy little people
I went to the matinee of the kids end of year play. It was completely different from the huge production put on last year. (Kidsummers Nights Dream). It was a lovely little musical - Psalty the Songbook. My kids were less than enthralled as it is quite juvenile but ultimately a lovely, feel-good production.

School closes for 2weeks tomorrow - I am hoping to find time to still run, write and be still. I have high hopes as I see my kids are well able to accommodate my needs these days. I think a little bit of structure to our time will be well received on all fronts.


blackhuff said...

Our schools only closes on the 28th of Sept. Still a week to go.
I also like PnP's flip flops. They are so comfortable and cheap.
Hoping you find the time to run and be still.

cat said...

Oh I need some new flip flops - those are lovely. And I love your prohject

Julia said...

Also bought a few pairs of flip flops at the pnp. Can't wait to start to wear them.

Jeannie said...

Love the flower slops.