16 September 2012

Daytripping Up the Coast

Cape Town is seriously showing off this Spring with temperatures in the upper 20's already. We (I) decided it would be a great day to head up to the West Coast National Park to see the flowers and hang out at the lagoon.

He is a real sand-lover this lad!

I love the interaction between us her

The trip proved long and hot and laborious. We had to make a few stops along the way ... and the first entry point to the Park had a queue of almost 1km of cars. We decided to head straight up to Langebaan and enter there - the drive seemed to take FOREVER and once in the Park the drive continued...

The kids were pretty impressive, all things considered, we left home at 815 and we only arrived at the lagoon at 1145! Churchaven is exquisite - we spent about 2 hours just arbing on the beach and paddling in the lagoon.

Unfortunately it was too hot (midday!!) and there is no shade...plus the masses arrived and when I have to start dodging balls I have a tendency to get grumpy. ;-)

Three little poppets bobbing around.

Follwing Mommy Duck out the water

It was a memorable day - the good parts and the not-so-good parts. I have learnt that I can be a real grouch and may need to chill a bit more but sometimes the logistics of pulling an outing like this off can be so overwhelming...and the result somewhat underwhelming. :-/

Lunch time! We finally got to use our snazzy picnic set.

Come and swim Mom! Calling me to drop the camera.

We arrived home around 330pm and promptly fell in front of the tv - all shatterooned from long drives and lots of sun. Am currently watching Revenge and absolutely LOVING it.

Finished up the evening by dragging my ass off the couch to do hill sprints in the estate...dont ask why....suffice to say a camera in the wrong hands can be very messy.

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Julia said...

LOVE the West Coast. Think it's time for a family outing to that part of the world again.