01 September 2012

Lets Talk Expressions

The show was simply amazing. I have to say it went well beyond my expectations.

Here is a story...last year we went to watch {another local dance company} production and Faith was simply awed by the costumes, music and fanfare. The dancers were outstanding and en-point but I felt the choreography was often a bit raunchy for little people....but  Faith wanted to take up modern with {other local dance company}.

Catching 40winks between matinee and evening show

I was not fantastically happy as I knew how it would go down because I know the ethos of {other local dance company} but experience has taught me to pick my battles... and let kids learn for themselves.

We let RPDC know how plans and moved on....not even 2 lessons down and Faith was adamant RPDC  was more her 'cup of tea'! {her words}

Faith's dance teacher is one of a kind - a true theatre type - fiery tempered and dramatic but with a heart of gold and a true interest in the lives of her students beyond just dance.

doing the jive...front and centre

I enjoy being a girl...talking on the phone!

The show portrayed the heart and soul of what RPDC is about - inspiring and encouraging young girls to be who God made them - brave, courageous and vibrant.

Faith was like a little ray of sunshine on that stage and often I was brought to tears - seeing her so joyful and knowing the backstory of her journey : being right where she is meant to be.

** photos illegally obtained by a friend .... waiting for pro shots!


cat said...

Oh Mel, how I LOVE this! It is one of the reasons I adore our ballet teachers too - they live by God,and show it in the way they teach ou rlittle girls. They run a "word of GOd with dance" company too. So wonderful that we get the exactly right teachers to explore their dancer's soul

Jeannie said...

Ahhh that brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful little girl!!! So proud of her for you too!!! She's just beautiful!!!