25 September 2012

Long Weekend Happiness

This weekend SA celebrated Heritage Day - many Saffers choose to braai but I dont really subscribe to that tradition (unless I wanted to braai anyway!).

On Saturday morning I took my little sproglets down to the REaders Warehouse to choose new books for the holidays. Yes, we have a library but I like to buy books on occasion aswell. My kids thoroughly enjoy reading and it is such a spoil to spend an hour perusing all the series on offer these days.

Levi ended up buying a box set of '10 best books for boys' which he will be flying through in the next 6months. I also bought him 3 stage 5 readers to enjoy right now....although he keeps trying to read the more difficult books and getting frustrated!!

Rachel bought the first in the Percy Jackson series aswell as a book revolving around human cloning which looks a real treat! Cant wait to read them both. Right now though she is still busy with Catching Fire (book 2 in Hunger Games trilogy).

Faith made me laugh as she became utterly distraught in the shop. She actually started to weep; in retrospect I totally understand it. She was saying to me she cant choose any new books because she has SO MANY that she hasnt read yet. (she obviously gets all Rachels hand-me-downs)

She is also horribly daunted by the thickness of some of the books i just KNOW she will love but trying to cajole her was simply not on the cards. I eventually chose a book for her....and we will read it together while on holiday later this week.

I also found some wonderful audio books for the car journey so we are all set for our road trip up to Sedgefield!

On Saturday afternoon my nieces, Ella (5) and Kate (3) came to spend the night with us - a first sleepover! It was such a joy to watch all the kids hanging out and playing together. Our role (Russ and I) is simply to feed them and make sure no-one starts a fire! Rachel manages the kids with ease and delight - they adore her.

Tadpoling near our house

Introducing them to my good friend Monkey Lunchbox
Rachel put them to bed....and when they woke at 630am she took them downstairs and made breakfast. She then hepled them each make a scrapbook page of their time with us. I ambled down around 9am to find very contented little people pottering around.

Rachel is truly gifted when it comes to caring for little people, her gentle nature and nurturing spirit shine so brightly when she is given this opportunity. It was a pleasure to watch her.

Sunday we had lunch with my boet at his new flat in town. Always a laugh and great to catch up - we played a little prank on him...gave him the new Adam Lambert CD for his birthday....knowing how he despises the man and the music. We even got him to PLAY the cd before we gave him his 'real' pressie - the kids were highly amused.

Monday was chilled - everyone pottering around doing their own thing. I malled a bit - bought most of the contents for the Santa Shoebox project. All that needs buying are the clothes and toys for each child but I want my kids to use their money and choose these items. I also found a top, little denim shorts and a beach dress for our holiday. AND I managed to squeeze in a (bad) coffee with me mum!

Toward the days end I decided I needed to move these legs and I was able to persuade another buddy to hit the pavement with me - we had a cracking run and I felt invigorated and ready to start the new week!

Holidays mean sibling sleepovers and campouts!

How was your weekend?

I will probably only blog again next week Wednesday with innumerable holiday snaps!


blackhuff said...

Such a LOL photo of your brother and that cd :) You all are little devils
Great long weekend you and your family had :)

Lynette said...

I loved this post. You are blessed to have Rachel take care of the little ones in such a remarkable way. You are going to Sedgefield? We are driving down to Plett on Saturday for two whole weeks...I am counting the sleeps.

Jeannie said...

nice weekend. Rach is just incredible. I think she might have found her calling hey...<3<3

Ordinarylife said...

oh - please send Rachel this way!!! She sounds like the perfect solution to early mornings.