06 September 2012

Will be back

HI guys, thanks to those who responded to my 'who is out there' call. Clearly many people ask for logins but dont actually check in.  Many of you mentioned you dont get the updates but the fact is that if a blog is private the updates will NOT sure in your feed.

Many private bloggers send out reminders and I will maybe get to that someday but for now if you fly past once or twice or week there should definitely be new content. :-)

I will be doing a recap of the week tomorrow as it has been a busy week .... but Friday is all meeee as my kids have playdates - every one of them - so my house is mine until 4pm... :-)


blackhuff said...

ooooo, I so envy you ;)
Kidding - enjoy every moment of that solitude time to yourself.

cat said...

Oh I need a guilt free day at home without kids.... Enjoy

Lynette said...

Wonderful...so what did you do today?