24 November 2012

Finally Forty

My fortieth has come and gone. It was fun but quite exhausting for me. As in introvert (who passes easily for an extrovert) this type of activity can finish me off for a week!

A few of my favourite images from the night.

from left: my sil, me, a bff and her hubby and my older brother

My mom saying a few lovely words.

Listening to a friend making a speech, hilarious in parts.

My parents throwing some shapes on the floor!

Fun times, not the most flattering pic but I love this one of my man!

My brother and his wife

My other brother and his girlfriend

My sis, niece and bil.

It was well worth it though - to have many of my favourite people in one place was such a treat. We ate, we chatted, we danced and we laughed. And speeches were made by a friend, my parents and my man. I even said a few garbled words - I was quite overwhelmed by then and cant remember anything I said!

20 November 2012

A little bit of chaos

A little bit of chaos is really what my life is all about right now.

In summary:

  • In August our house flooded in a storm while we were in Mcgregor.
  • Insurance finally sent contractors to lift our laminate flooring 2 weeks ago.
  • The screed was wet and left to dry for a week.
  • It was still wet so they sent in industrial fans and extractors.
  • Without telling me we would have to move out the house.
  • For anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.

I am thankful for my parents who have taken us all in. And my sister who is on standby anytime I need extra help or lodging! I started off feeling very unsure and guilty about cramping my parents style but after a week we are getting very comfortable and I fear they may need big guns to evict us when the time comes.

Evenings mooching with the family

Annoying Orange on Youtube...and some other amusing stuff!
Apart from this relative upheaval I had a little bit of a scare today when I realised my monthly visitor hadnt arrived. In fact she is almost 2weeks late. Never. Happened. Before. Enter panic. I did a preg test and am   not expecting. Thank you Jesus. Turning 40 and being preggers was not in my master plan. Am thinking all the stress and upheaval (and some emotional turmoil this week) has caused her to retreat into hiding and am pretty sure she will arrive the day of my party cos she is bitchy like that! ;-)

yes, reading kit instructions...its been a while!
Yes, I am having a party! Can you believe it? I cant. Originally the plan was to have a breakfast on Friday morn with my family and 6 of my closest friends....then my other friends managed to twist my arm at the last minute...and arranged everything from a venue to playlists to lighting and catering...and whaddaya know Mel's having a party on Saturday night!!

So...I cancelled the breakfast (cos all those peeps are coming on Saturday anyway) because even though its a biggie it certainly does not need 2 events! I am really looking forward to Saturday and am very pleased my mates talked me into doing something FUN!

fun invite that I made - i love it!

19 November 2012

All about the Little Man

Sometime I just wanna squeeeeeeze him!

Oupa got the clippers out!

Grade R orientation and a new best friend already - the little girl in the white shirt!

Carpet time at Orientation - such a lovely class for next year.
Action cricket with Dad - they won the tournament and let him hold the trophy!
Happy and exhausted!
The boy takes after his mama....just not a morning person!

Love taking walks with the dogs and the lad. Precious memories.

16 November 2012

Adam Lambert

I took Rachel to see Adam Lambert recently. We bought golden circle tickets some months back (along with my sis) and the plan was for Russ to come with me but things went pear and I thought it would be a great mom/daughter date opportunity!
Rach tried her hand at doing Faiths make-up cos she was feeling very left out!

Bonding over make-up? Not a day I so coming but will take it!

She did her own eyes! Impressive stuff!

All dolled up and ready to rock out!

Fun pics in the garden to commemorate the occasion!

Cousin Sami helps her see all the better

Aunty Lisa takes a turn!

The man himself - legendary performer

I love this pic taken at the Grand West Arena - happy days.

The evening was simply fabulous - Adam is a stage performer of note and we were not disappointed...although a show like that is NEVER long enough.

I did wake up the next morning with a NOISE hangover of epic proportions though...I could not lift my head off the pillow - Faith spent some time digging around for painkillers...needless to say the kids didnt make it to school on this particular day!

12 November 2012

Scenes from a MOERSE hike

While in Kynsna we decided to head up to Rheenendal and do a little mountain walk. I havent been able to run in over a month due to injury but I was
 desparate to get onto a trail again...even if it meant walking.

We got ourselves a map and decided to do a 9km loop. Little did we know that some signage had come down in high winds recently and we missed the turn....

At around 2.5hrs I was convinced we were lost...how can 9km take this long? I convinced the man to turn back but along the way we met some German tourists who assured me we were going the right way so we turned around AGAIN (against my judgement)

Fast forward 2hrs and another 8kms and a truck...with a ranger who came to collect us off a road to nowhere!

Suffice to say it was a great experience, lots of laughs, a couple of expletives but plenty of good memories.

10 November 2012

Beautiful Botlierskop

We have spent 2 glorious days here so far and I am awed by the beauty on our doorstep.

We have been enjoying stunning weather, first class service and unbelievable food which does not leave you feeling guilty .... Even though dinners are a 6 course event!

This morning saw us playing tourist and off we went to walk with lions. These 2 have been bred in captivity but a lion is a lion....an incredible of not mildly anxiety-inducing experience.

After a leisurely lunch and soaking up some rays we decided to hit the tennis courts for the first time in decades! It was such fun and the 80mins sped by way too fast. My right arm is feeling it but I do think its a sport I could love!

Right now we are upstairs waiting for the Bok/Ireland game to start .... A win would round out a perfect day.

Tomoro we head for home (not before a quick visit to the Spa!) and I cannot wait to lay my eyes on my spratlets!

08 November 2012

Table Bay Stay

We dropped the kids of at my sister at lunchtime on Saturday and headed for the beautiful Table Bay Hotel for two nights. (a gift from a business associate!)

We first stopped and fetched Russ' toy for the weekend...a little Mazda MX-5 convertible. It looks real cute but lets just say I prefer my smooth, high ride even though she aint nearly as pretty. Russ had such fun though and we cruised along Camps Bay and found us a good cuppa.
We hired this little MX-5 for the weekend
Some of my favourite things...tv and room service
The man enjoying the ride!
Breakfast - yummy! (mine)
New wedge sandals from Russ - thankfully he has great taste!
Our morning coffee with a view of note
Mommy's Mazda and Dad's Mazda!
Saying goodbye to the sproggles.
The mans breakfast.  Well, the first course....
I have to say this hotel far exceeded my expectations - i have stayed in 5 star hotels all over the world and can say without hesitation that this was the best experience I have ever had. The hotel, although large, has an incredible personal touch and no effort is spared for the guest. We will definitely be back!

01 November 2012

October Wrap Up

I have popped into my blog a few times and then left feeling I dont have the time to get it the attention it deserves. Two weeks later I am of the mind that some attention is better than none.

In cases like these I do feel that bullet points will suffice!

Russ and I shared our 20th anniversary this year. What an incredible milestone, such a privilege and I am so grateful. It would be a bloody lie to say everyday has been a blessing but what I can say with surety is that every trial we have navigated has brought us closer and made us stronger. Trite but true. I am finding as you grow (and age!) together we are becoming more similar or maybe just more tolerant of each others foibles and idiosyncrasies.

I did a crazy impulsive thing. Years ago I promised Russ I would grow my hair...and it has never happened because I can never get through the awkward phase...and have been convinced I look horsey with long hair. Anyyyyway - I went and had extensions done as a surprise for him.  I lasted all of a week with them in. The keraton bonds nearly drove me up the damn wall. So much to everyones' horror I had them removed. Just like that. Life's to short to be annoyed with fake hair.

Rach has started modern dancing. She and Faith are in the same time slot which is just awesome. Levi is back at cricket and loving it. I feel exceptionally thankful that I have managed to have both Tuesday and Friday afternoons totally free....

This little poppet is becoming long and lean!
Caught in the act of a bonding moment!

As I type my kitchen is being partially dismantled...and tomorrow all our floors are being lifted. Storm damage from August and finally Absa have seen fit to get the contractors to come and sort things out. Means I will be without flooring for many weeks as the screed has to fully dry before the new floor is fitted. I am staying positive despite the horrendous disruption to our lives because the new flooring is beautiful. It is totally going to change the look n feel of our home which is kinda cool. And cheaper than moving. :-)

Rach is changing daily. She is filling out and becoming a young lady with typical teen attitude! *sigh* The hormones are tweaking and I never quite know which way the wind is going blow...it is really rather challenging. (euphemism anyone?) I know she needs me now more than ever but OMICAT it is, on occasion, a real trial to remain in her presence.

So tall and almost sharing shoes with me!

We (Rach, Faith and I) had a very lighthearted chat in the car this week. All about boys and the fact that we (Russ and I) will not allow dating in high school. I am attempting to avoid the mopey girls crying into their pillows to corny Taylor Swift. It may seem extreme to some but boys are not good for high school girls.

Very likely be my girls in a few years time....

The conversation was hysterically funny - I wish I could have recorded it to play back to them in 3 years time....I am aware that this may well become a battleground however if I start drilling it into them now then no expectations can be created for 'when they are older'. We shall see....

Levi is loving his cricket. He plays with the Grade 1's on Mondays and Wednesdays. The matches are an hour and supercute to watch. Even I can tolerate cricket for an hour.

Rachel has her show late November - she has been working hard vocally and we are all looking forward to hearing her sing. Her piano is coming along nicely although I still have to chivvy her along to practice.

I am sure I am leaving stuff out...which is why blogging after a long period of time makes me break out in a cold sweat....