16 November 2012

Adam Lambert

I took Rachel to see Adam Lambert recently. We bought golden circle tickets some months back (along with my sis) and the plan was for Russ to come with me but things went pear and I thought it would be a great mom/daughter date opportunity!
Rach tried her hand at doing Faiths make-up cos she was feeling very left out!

Bonding over make-up? Not a day I so coming but will take it!

She did her own eyes! Impressive stuff!

All dolled up and ready to rock out!

Fun pics in the garden to commemorate the occasion!

Cousin Sami helps her see all the better

Aunty Lisa takes a turn!

The man himself - legendary performer

I love this pic taken at the Grand West Arena - happy days.

The evening was simply fabulous - Adam is a stage performer of note and we were not disappointed...although a show like that is NEVER long enough.

I did wake up the next morning with a NOISE hangover of epic proportions though...I could not lift my head off the pillow - Faith spent some time digging around for painkillers...needless to say the kids didnt make it to school on this particular day!


blackhuff said...

Those are the worst hangovers. Shame. But so epic that you and your girls had the time of your life at the concert :)

cat said...

Love that you took her! And truly, the man is way beyond sexy too.

Julia said...

Such a cool mother-daughter date. So glad you took her. And yes, I hear you on the noise-hangover. I usually take painkillers the moment I get home from a concert. Otherwise I would NOT get my kids to school either!